Cost Savings

Lower Your Costs on the Components You Need

Pressure is high on purchasing departments. Get the parts needed for production 鈥 but get them for a price that won鈥檛 compromise the bottom line. This challenge can feel like being between a rock and a hard place.

So look outside the standard options 鈥 and the standard pricing.

  • 腾讯体育直播鈥檚 PPV capabilities will get the parts you need within the price range you specify
  • Share your BOM with 腾讯体育直播, and we鈥檒l track your demand in real-time
  • Flexible sourcing means diverse options, such as excess inventory of the parts you need
  • We鈥檒l track down matching components on the open market that are below the standard pricing
  • We鈥檒l pass the savings on to you and keep your demand lists active in our system

As long as there are components you need a steady stock of on your BOM, we鈥檒l find and deliver them at your specified pricing.


Overcome Obsolescence Challenges Seamlessly

It can be a bleak situation when your production or service and repair requirements bind you to an obsolete part and it鈥檚 nowhere to be found anymore. This kind of demand can last long after a part has hit obsolescence, sometimes pushing manufacturers to questionable product sources or a hasty substitution.

腾讯体育直播 offers a backup plan so an obsolete part isn鈥檛 a dead end.

  • 腾讯体育直播 has the largest network of trusted open-market contacts in the industry
  • We鈥檒l connect you to the massive range of components available worldwide
  • Partner with 腾讯体育直播 experts who can track current and obsolete parts
  • Build the stock you need so your business isn鈥檛 stalled
  • Or, prepare for the future by working with a 腾讯体育直播 specialist to identify alternate parts
  • Seamlessly replace your obsolete components with quality substitutions

No matter what direction you鈥檙e moving in, we鈥檒l help you keep moving.

Lifecycle Management

Plan Proactively for Lifecycle Challenges

Component lifecycles don鈥檛 have to define your choices. It can be a strain when a component goes end-of-life, especially if you have warranty and repair agreements or production relying on it. But knowing about lifecycle changes before they鈥檙e hitting you head-on can make the difference between your operations moving without interruption or being dead in the water.

This is where 腾讯体育直播 can help you.

  • Closely track component lifecycles
  • Alert you when product changes or revisions are coming that could affect you
  • Arrange volume purchases as your specified components near end-of-life
  • Ensure a steady stock for the future
  • Manage your stock with a flexible range of warehousing options
  • Reduce your inventory holding costs.

With the components you need on-hand when you need them, you鈥檒l avoid supply chain disruptions or the inconsistencies that can happen when you have to substitute a component.


Navigate Shortage with Agile Sourcing

Whatever the cause, part shortages can cripple your business. Don鈥檛 let regional or global shortages take you down when there are strong allies who can navigate the fluctuations of the electronic component market to find the parts you need.

腾讯体育直播 has resources to ensure that you鈥檙e never at a loss.

  • Preferred access to electronic components that are in high demand
  • Relationships with trusted suppliers around the world
  • Stringent vendor screening standards so we never compromise on quality
  • Representatives in every 腾讯体育直播 office trained and ready to support your shortage sourcing demands

The global electronics market is always changing and weathering fluctuations. Partner with 腾讯体育直播, and your inventory and operations will stay reliable and steady even in the most challenging times.