腾讯体育直播鈥檚 global shipping and logistics hubs occupy nearly 200,000 ft2 of warehouse space to house your product safely through every step of sourcing, handling, inspection, testing, storage, and shipment.

All of our operational areas are ESD-safe, with all components handled using ESD-safe materials and documented procedures. We also maintain full environmental control in our warehouses to protect against damage from humidity or varying temperatures.



腾讯体育直播鈥檚 people make the difference, and our quality engineers and technicians are a prime example of why. With ongoing technical training that keeps them alert to the most current industry and quality developments, our operational staff knows components and the handling and testing standards to ensure their quality, authenticity, and security.

Certified Inspectors

腾讯体育直播鈥檚 inspectors are all certified to the CCCI-102 standard for product inspection and counterfeit avoidance. Developed by the organization behind the trusted CCAP-101 anti-counterfeiting certification, this inspector certification ensures that our technicians are trained to safeguard and effectively examine components.



Security is at the forefront of all of our global operations, alongside our leading quality and dedicated service.

How do we ensure your inventory鈥檚 security?

  • Our warehouse spaces are protected by CCTV systems, burglar alarms, and security personnel onsite
  • Entry into any 腾讯体育直播 facility is fully controlled
  • Employees must have access cards to gain entry into 腾讯体育直播鈥檚 facilities and any controlled areas
  • Our onsite, access-controlled inventory cages are available to house specially designated inventory
  • The fully access-controlled and monitored 腾讯体育直播Secure room at 腾讯体育直播鈥檚 Houston headquarters provides secure component processing such as HDD/SSD wiping and shredding to DoD standards
  • 腾讯体育直播 is C-TPAT certified

Whether we鈥檙e helping you carry out extensive, long-term inventory management or delivering just-in-time component shipments, your product will be safeguarded under 腾讯体育直播鈥檚 security practices.



腾讯体育直播鈥檚 footprint is global, meaning that 鈥 no matter where in the world you鈥檙e located 鈥 we can support you. Our fourteen trading offices allow us to work closely with partners to offer localized, individualized support. And our operational hubs in Houston, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam take this support a step further by providing premier operational and logistics support to manage and move product.

These strategic hubs are 腾讯体育直播鈥檚 bases of operation for the extensive, customer-specific logistics and inventory management programs that help power our customers鈥 success, in addition to our daily sourcing support. Whether your company鈥檚 home is in the US, EU, or Asia market 鈥 or beyond 鈥 腾讯体育直播 can offer the logistics solutions and timely delivery that will keep your business moving.

How do we support your logistics needs?

  • 腾讯体育直播 maintains a wide network of premier logistics partners
  • Storage and logistics services are available in nearly any global location
  • Our delivery is powered by long-standing relationships with all logistics carriers
  • Logistical arrangements are flexible and customizable to your unique needs