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腾讯体育直播’s Support During COVID-19

Unprecedented supply chain disruptions

The current COVID-19 crisis is creating unprecedented supply chain disruptions, and manufacturers are feeling the impact as the situation continues to change daily.

How can 腾讯体育直播 help?

腾讯体育直播 is the world鈥檚 leading independent distributor of semiconductors and electronic components. Founded in 1984, we鈥檝e been there to help our partners through all the supply disruptions of the last 36 years. The coronavirus pandemic is heavily uncharted territory for the industry. Mitigating supply chain disruptions during troubling times, however, is familiar to 腾讯体育直播.

We鈥檙e here to help during the COVID-19 crisis. There is no other company with more experience or that is better positioned to help with:

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We’re fully mobilized and ready

腾讯体育直播 has real-world experience operating under the challenging conditions of world events such as the SARs epidemic of 2003, the global financial crisis of 2008, and hurricanes and natural disasters such as 2017鈥檚 Hurricane Harvey.

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